Whiting Crossing Reroute

The Whiting Crossing Trail reroute is now open! The 2.1-mile section provides a greener, more aesthetic experience for users. It travels through Mainland Meadows (part of the Whiting Well Field) and Upper Whiting Park (along the Plover River), connected by a short on-road segment along Elm Street. A rapid flashing beacon assists bicyclists and pedestrians to cross the busy Post Road/Business 51. Click the map below for more details!

Bridge Decking Replacements

During the week of October 7-11, a WisCorps crew will be replacing the wood decking on two bridges along the Green Circle. The first bridge is located on the Paper Mill Trail over the Plover River. The second bridge is on the River Pines Trail near the wastewater treatment plant. These sections of trail will be closed while the decking is being replaced… likely 1-2 days for each. Click here to see location and detour maps.

Moses Creek Trail detour

The Moses Creek Trail is now reopened. The boardwalks have been surfaced with a slip-resistant paint for the safety of walkers and bikers. Please let us know how it works! As always, slow down and use caution on any boardwalk surface, especially in wet conditions or when they are covered in leaves or pine needles.

What’s New Walk

Join us on Saturday, April 20, to be one of the first to walk on the newly rerouted Paper Mill Trail in the Village of Whiting. The trail runs along the Wisconsin River through the former Whiting paper mill land.

The event will kick-off with a brief program near the Stevens Point Brewery, before heading out on the 4-mile out-and-back route.

All are welcome. The event is free and open to the public. More information at https://www.facebook.com/events/311046516248071/