Trail Adopters

Trail Adopter picking up litter on the River Pines Trail
A Trail Adopter picks up litter along the River Pines Trail

Trail adopters are generous volunteers who keep specific sections of the Green Circle attractive,  safe, and up-to-date. Currently, all sections have active trail adopters. If you’d like to be notified when a section becomes available, please let us know.

A special thank you to our current trail adopters, listed below!

Green Circle Trail Sections

  • Brickyard Trail: Sarah Lima
  • Iverson Park Trail: Stevens Point Woman’s Club (Eileen Hessel)
  • Railroad Underpass/Patch Street (between Iverson Park and McDill Trails): Stevens Point Cycling Club (Scott Cole)
  • McDill Trail: Stevens Point Area Running Club & Ignite Young Professionals (Jeanna Diedrich)
  • Moses Creek Trail (Wilshire Dr. to Torun Rd.): Chaz’nGerry
  • Moses Creek Trail (Torun Rd. to Hwy. 66): Kate Rozumialski
  • Paper Mill Trail: Worth Company (David Worth)
  • Plover River Trail (north): Bill Cook Chapter Izaak Walton League (Jerry Ernst) and Wednesday Night Running Group (Krista Krenz)
  • Plover River Trail (south): Biker Women (Linda Nash)
  • McDill Trail: Stevens Point Cycling Club (Scott Cole)
  • Riverfront Trail: Stevens Point Kiwanis Club (Marg Coker-Nelson)
  • River Pines Trail (north of Stevens Point Water Department): Point Area Bicycle Service (John Pawlak)
  • River Pines Trail (south of Stevens Point Water Dept.): Rotary Club of Stevens Point (Bob Stack)
  • Stagecoach Trail: Renee Kinney
  • University Trail: Schmeeckle Reserve (Jim Buchholz)
  • Westside Loop: Herb Wievell
  • Whiting Crossing Trail: Richard and Lynn Wyman

Trail Spurs

  • Heartland Trail: Stevens Point Cycling Club (Scott Cole)
  • Hoover Road Trail Spur: Barb Alm