Green Circle Board

Plover River Trail
Biking the Plover River Trail

The Green Circle Trail is managed by a volunteer Green Circle Board representing partner organizations, businesses, and individuals in the Stevens Point area. Contact us for more information.

Board Members: 2018


  • Jim Canales, President
  • Steve Menzel, Vice President
  • Joel Lemke, Treasurer & Finance/Fundraising Chair
  • Jami Gerbert, Secretary
  • Nick Schultz, Past President & Education/Promotion Committee Chair

Board Members

  • Laura Anderson-McIntyre
  • Jim Buchholz, Schmeeckle Reserve director
  • Scott Cole
  • Ken Erler
  • John Jury, Maintenance Committee Chair
  • Bev Laska
  • Joel Lemke
  • Nichole Lysne
  • Justin Regnier
  • Ryan Rose, Portage County Parks director
  • Melissa Sabel
  • Tom Schrader, Stevens Point Parks director
  • Gary Speckmann
  • Ward Wolff
  • Ron Zimmerman