Safety Information

River Pines Trail along the Wisconsin River
River Pines Trail along the Wisconsin River


  • Please be courteous to other trail users.
  • When other users pass, stay to your right.
  • When in a group, avoid blocking the trail.


  • Slow down and allow oncoming walkers to pass on one side of the trail.
  • When approaching from behind, alert walkers of your presence and pass carefully on the left.


  • Biking is allowed on all segments of the trail. However, the Green Circle connects to other trails that may not allow biking; please respect the rules of each site.
  • Yield to all other trail users.
  • Use your bell or horn to announce your presence to walkers well in advance, particularly when approaching from behind.
  • Slow down and pass with care.
  • Do not exceed the 12 mph speed limit. Slowly approach blind turns in anticipation of other trail users and obstacles that are beyond your view.
  • No racing or reckless riding.
  • Ride only on trails designated for biking.
  • Walk bicycles on narrow boardwalks, bridges, and steep hills.
  • When encountering walkers on narrow trails, stop and wait for them to pass or signal you through.

Pet Owners

  • Pets are not allowed on the University Trail through Schmeeckle Reserve, a natural area on the UW-Stevens Point campus. Follow along North Point Drive to make the loop instead.
  • Pets are allowed on all other sections of the Green Circle.
  • Pets must be kept on an 8-foot leash or shorter, and be under control at all times.
  • Promptly remove pet waste in consideration for other trail users.

Winter Users

  • Snowshoeing and winter hiking are allowed on all sections of the trail except for groomed ski trails.
  • The Plover River Trail and the Iverson Park Trail are groomed for classic skiing. Snowshoeing, hiking, and pets are not allowed on the ski trails.
  • No racing or skate skiing, except where designated.
  • When others approach, slow down and pass with care.

All Users

  • The trail is open daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., except for the University Trail which closes at sunset.
  • Avoid wearing headphones for your own safety.
  • At dusk or after dusk, use a light of some type to see the trail along with a flashing safety light to make yourself visible.
  • Motorized vehicles, excluding wheelchairs, are prohibited on the trail.
  • Horses are not permitted in the trail corridor.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be consumed on the trail.
  • Fires and fireworks are prohibited along the trail.

County and City Ordinances
To view the county and city ordinances that apply to the Green Circle Trail, click the links below: