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I just completed the Green Circle Trail and couldn’t let the day pass without commending you and your city with this AMAZING trail system. We happened upon Stevens Point as a destination on our way to Appleton after being in Madison for a work meeting. I found this trail after searching for bike trails. It was STUNNING. So beautiful. We couldn’t believe how well maintained and well marked this trail system was—we have biked through Switzerland and they have marked routes throughout the country—this was on par with that, if not better. We couldn’t be more impressed with Stevens Point for investing in a trail system like this one. We will be back and we will be sure to share this with EVERYONE we know. Thank you!!!

~Cindy, 10/12/2020

I recently moved to Point this past fall, after living in Wausau for the last several years. The Green Circle trail is AMAZING and is by far my favorite thing in town. I have had some of my friends from Wausau come down and hike and bike it with me, and they all wish Wausau had something like this. Thank you so much for this trail and the hard work you all do maintaining it!

~Luke, 5/19/2020

I just want to tell you what a great job the community has done putting this trail together. I biked it the other day and I think this is one of the nicest, most scenic, and interesting trails I have ever ridden on. It passes my previous favorite bike trail, the Boise River Greenbelt trail in Boise, ID. Great job!!

~Pete, 06/19/17

My wife and I visited Stevens Point from Eau Claire this past weekend and rode the southern half of the trail yesterday. We have ridden many trails over the years and were more than impressed with the scenic beauty we pedaled through. And it was easy to follow the trail through the city roads as it was very well marked. We are looking forward to next summer when we will return and finish the northern half of the trail…or hopefully pedal the entire 25 miles! We were very impressed!

~Jim, Eau Claire, WI, 10/20/15

Thank you, thank you for this great trail!! It took us 4 hours to ride the loop. What variety—forest, wetlands, crushed granite, paved, sidewalks, low traffic roads in residential areas, along the Wisconsin River—absolutely beautiful. Very well marked by signs and on the trail itself. Read the history after coming back. It shows what can be done when everyone comes together. The best in the state. I’ll be back.

~Lynn, Greenfield, WI, 09/01/15

Last Thursday I and a couple friends had the opportunity to do the whole trail. Two of us had biked to Plover from Manawa on Wed on the Tomorrow River Trail. I do not ordinarily send in comments but I was SO impressed by your trail that I had to write. It was well maintained, well laid out, beautiful. Such a variety of natural areas, so much water. With few exceptions, it was well enough marked that we did not get lost. You have something to be proud of and I am sure it was not easy to put this together with so many segments and governments involved. Thank you.

~Ted, 06/02/14