The Green Circle is a 27-mile scenic hiking and biking trail that loops through the Stevens Point area and connects with overĀ 45 miles of additional trails. It winds through forests and parks, over wetlands, and along rivers, recalling the days of huge pineries, pioneer settlements, and the lore of the Wisconsin and Plover Rivers.

Current Trail Conditions

(Updated August 1, 2016)

All sections of the Green Circle are currently open and in good condition.


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24th of April 2017 04:43 PM Link
We received some reports this spring of turtle hatchlings being crushed by bikes on the Green Circle. Please ride slowly around wetland areas and watch the trail surface closely. Snapping turtles like to lay their eggs in the gravely surface of the trail, which is an unfortunate place to hatch. Informational signs have been installed along the River Pines Trail north of County HH. If you see hatchlings in other areas, please let us know.
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24th of April 2017 04:20 PM
This weekend's beautiful weather has dried out the flooded areas of the Green Circle. The River Pines Trail north of County HH is now reopened. A special thank you to Portage County Parks for maintaining and keeping the trail safe!
23rd of April 2017 01:14 PM Link
21st of April 2017 04:02 PM Link
With all of the recent rainfall, some areas of the trail are currently flooded. Use caution when you're enjoying the trail this weekend.
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12th of April 2017 03:49 PM Link
As the weather warms, update your wardrobe with new trail apparel at the Schmeeckle Reserve Browse Shop. New hats and shirts just arrived! All proceeds support the natural area. Open 8-5 daily. 2419 Northpoint Drive in Stevens Point.
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10th of April 2017 12:00 PM Link
They're tough to see but easy to hear: Spring peepers and wood frogs are in chorus in small ponds along the River Pines and Moses Creek trail segments. Have you heard them anywhere else?
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5th of April 2017 04:52 AM Link
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2nd of April 2017 04:33 AM Link
Whether you're new to the Green Circle or planning your day's outing, check out this virtual tour.
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21st of March 2017 03:09 AM Link
Happy first day of spring! Skunk cabbage is up at Iverson Park to welcome the season.
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5th of March 2017 09:13 PM Link
Did someone sprinkle pepper on the snow? Look closer, and you'll see those little black flecks moving! The "snow fleas" are out in force right now on the trail. These aren't real fleas; they're tiny springtails that hop like fleas and eat decaying plant material or tree sap.
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