Plover River TrailPlover River Trail

3.6 miles
Crushed granite trail
Hiking, jogging, biking, pets,
cross-country skiing
Lot off of Hwy. 66 (north), end of Hofmeister Dr. (south)

The scenic Plover River trail spans from the Highway 66 crossing (north) to Hofmeister Drive (south).

This wooded trail, one of the longest segments of the Green Circle, follows the meandering Plover River on its journey to the Wisconsin River. A portion of the trail runs through Izaak Walton League (Bill Cook Chapter) land. A picnic shelter near the river offers a quiet break from the trail. The diverse woodlands, towering trees, flowing water, and ample wildlife viewing make this trail a favorite among users.

A Travel Corridor
The Plover River has always been an important transportation route in this region. Menominee and other Indian tribes canoed the waterway to reach hunting grounds or to visit other villages. French voyageurs traveled the river in the 1700s to trade with the Indians for furs trapped on the river's backwaters. In time, treaties opened up the land to lumberjacks, who floated white pine down to the Wisconsin River. Today, this stretch of river is a popular recreational canoeing and kayaking route.

"The Wells"
The Plover River and its undeveloped landscape feed the wellfields for Stevens Point. The trail cuts through an area popularly known as "the wells." The Izaak Walton League, one of the oldest conservation organizations in Wisconsin, purchased 147 acres of land here. Through the League, the wellfields became a protected watershed for the Plover River.

Groomed Ski Trails
In winter, the Plover River Trail connects with other trails on Izaak Walton League land to offer 6.2 miles of cross-country ski loops groomed for classical (stride) skiing. Use of the ski trails is free. Pets, hiking, and snowshoeing are not allowed on groomed ski trails. Contact Portage County Parks at 715-346-1433 for current ski trail conditions.