Paper Mill TrailPaper Mill Trail

Length: 2.1 miles
Crushed granite and sidewalks
Hiking, jogging, biking, pets
Whiting Park or end of Cedar Street (east)Stevens Point Care Center on Sherman Ave. (west)

Spans from the edge of Upper Whiting Park (west) at the Plover River bridge to the Stevens Point Care Center parking lot (west) on Sherman Ave. The trail meanders through Village of Whiting and paper mill woodlands following the Plover River flowage to its confluence with the Wisconsin River. The path features excellent bird watching, a historic stone pumping house, views of the Whiting paper mill, and boardwalks over wetlands.

Bird Watching
The Paper Mill Trail crosses the Plover River flowage over an arching pedestrian bridge, which is a hotspot for bird watching along the trail. Waterfowl can be seen year-round on the river. Ospreys nest annually on a platform above the bridge. Songbirds flitter through the shrubs on both sides of the trail.

The Legacy of Paper Mills
Along Whiting Road, you will also see the old Wisconsin River Pulp and Paper Company (most recently NewPage), established by George A. Whiting in 1891. Whiting was one of the early pioneers who took a chance that the brownish water of the Wisconsin River could work for papermaking. The gamble paid off! The mill was open for nearly 120 years before shutting down in 2011.

The Plover Paper Company (now Neenah Paper) was built at the confluence of the Plover and Wisconsin Rivers also by George A. Whiting and Emmons Burr in 1892. The brown water of the Wisconsin River limited the type of paper that could be made. In 1912, a spring was found near the mill, which had crystal clear water that could be used for fine paper making. The Paper Company constructed a beautiful stone "spring house" to collect the pure water and pump it to the plant. The Green Circle now travels past this historic building.

Whiting Park and Whiting Park Walking Trail
The trail provides access to Upper Whiting Park (Village of Whiting). Follow the Whiting Park Walking Trail (at the eastern end of the Paper Mill Trail) for close-up views of the Plover River, Indian Mounds, picnic tables, and an educational shelter. Lower Whiting Park features a baseball diamond, boat launch, and playground equipment.